FIFTY Shades of Great

We’ve all heard of the book (and now movie) about the bizarrely handsome billionaire, the blindfolded naif, and the red room full of whips and chains.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t write that book with me in mind.

For one thing, I hate pain. For another, I’ve never been good at following directions. And let’s be realistic here: Mr. G, if he had any people skills at all, would recognize immediately that I have too much experience at life to fall for his false confidence and surface charms.

Ah, the benefits of having lived as long as I have. Experience. Wisdom. Resilience. Self-love. Inspiration for this blog.

“FIFTY”is a journal about living life to its fullest at any age, but with a particular slant toward women who have made it to middle age. We could spend the rest of our days bitching about our culture’s idolization of starving models and wrinkle-free celebrities or about books and movies that cater to the lowest common denominator or about the stiffness we sometimes feel when we get out of bed — OR — we could use that wasted energy to play to our strengths and make the most out of our lives for as long as we are able. Because, in spite of it all, each and every one of us has the potential to be FIFTY SHADES OF GREAT.

I’ve been thinking and scheming and reaching out to others to figure out what we need to support us as we work toward living up to our potentials. I hope that through this blog, we will be able to discuss, debate, and delight in those things that impact us as we live and grow and discover fountains of life that can bring us joy and beauty and love and laughter.

Please join me on what I expect will be an amazing ride.

About Me

Daily life is writing, yoga, dog walks, reading, cooking, daydreaming, surfing the web, playing word games, and abusing my Netflix privileges. My husband works a lot and my kids are teenagers (a high school junior and college freshman), so while I love my family, I don’t see or talk to them near enough. Thankfully, I have my dog and great friends, near and far, who fill my days with their words, pictures and personalities. Much of that is experienced via text and Facebook, but there is also the occasional meal or walk or shared pot of coffee/tea or bottle of wine.

I’m happiest when surrounded by bright colors and sunshine, which is one of the reason my laptop and I spend so much time in our South-facing kitchen. I also love cooking, baking, juicing, and making art out of fruits and vegetables. I shouldn’t admit this but doing the dishes can be fun too, in a meditative way. Instead of whistling while I work, I usually sing, mostly silly songs I remember from childhood.

If at any time, you wish to reach me privately, please click on the link to the contact page (see top menu bar above title of blog) and you will have access to my email.

That’s all for now.

— Sara Walpert Foster

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