Magic Puzzle is Evil (Day 362)

Take my word for it.

Last night, in bed, I read a few chapters of my book before going to sleep. At least that was the plan. I did read, using the Kindle app on my iPad, possibly more than a few chapters. I recently started Book One: My Brilliant Friend, the first of the Elena Ferrante Neapolitan novels. So far, so good.

Once I started yawning, I finished the chapter and clicked out of the Kindle app. Before closing the iPad, I noticed an unfamiliar app. Magic Puzzle. I am certain that I did not install it on my iPad. Well, almost certain. If by some chance I did install it, it must’ve been a long time ago or my memory has finally failed.

The important thing was that I was tired. Can’t keep my eyes open tired. But it was a puzzle app. And it was magic. I knew that I should not open it. I knew that the word puzzle meant trouble for me. I knew that even though I shouldn’t open it, I had to do it anyway.

Two hours later, at 12:45 a.m., I checked the time.

The app gives you the option for which puzzle you want to do, how many pieces, whether or not you want them to have the pieces facing the direction that they are in the completed puzzle or if you want to have them rotate the pieces randomly.

Being the fool that I am, I went for the hardest possible options. And after two hours, I still had half the puzzle to finish.

It was long past my exhaustion point, but I kept wondering, “What if the app loses my work?” The idea that I might not finish and would have to start over again tomorrow, after all of that hard work, unhinged me, Between yawns, I continued putting the pieces into place.

Eventually, I forced myself to stop. I hadn’t finished.This was difficult for me. I know how pathetic that sounds, but I am who I am. I decided to trust that the app creators understood puzzle people, probably were puzzle people themselves, and believed they would never destroy the puzzle before it was complete. Automatic save must’ve been built into the program.

It took awhile to get to sleep. Part of the reason for that was that somebody was organizing the virtual pieces in her head, even though the app was closed and the iPad was closed. It’s amazing I get anything done.

This morning, after I let out the dog, before I made coffee, I sat at the kitchen counter and finished that puzzle. It took almost an entire hour. Then, I promised myself that I if I accidentally used the Magic Puzzle app again today, I would delete it from my iPad to prevent the temptation.

I lied. I used it again at lunch and then after dinner. I did another whole puzzle but this time didn’t let them rotate the pieces. That made it a whole lot easier. And I didn’t delete the app. I couldn’t.

Anyway, it is magic and even if I did delete it, I figured it would find it’s way back on my iPad despite my self-promise. Magic is real. I swear that I never put that app on my iPad in the first place.



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