I Can’t Count (Day 359)

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My birthday is next week, which means the end of my daily journal online. I’ll continue with some type of blogging but it will not be daily and it will probably be more focused than the last year’s worth of work has been. But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

At the moment I realized the date and that my birthday was 8 days away, I also realized that I must be counting wrong. Seven more posts but yesterday’s post (until I changed it) said (Day 356). That would mean 9 more days of posts. What?

My husband said that my best solution was to skip days 357 and 358 and write today’s post with the correct number, day 359. That would be a reasonable thing to do.

But I’m neurotic. It bothered me that the numbers didn’t match. There have been a few occasions when I’ve discovered that I doubled up on a number and I’ve fixed it in the moment. I couldn’t believe I did that twice without catching the mistake.

I spent two hours today going through the list of posts, looking for the location of the error, and then fixing it. If it were possible to print out a straight list of the posts, this wouldn’t have taken so long, but in WordPress, which is the program I use to write my blog, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to scroll through 350+ days of posts.

When I look under past posts on my administration page, I can only see fifteen or so posts at a time. So I started at Day 1 and scanned through to find where I’d doubled up. I found the problems quickly but then, because I am not able to let a thing go, I went through the entire list and fixed each post with the correct day number.

This required me to open up each post and change the number. After awhile, my eyes were crossing and I was looking for shortcuts. I found a few but after ten minutes of using my shortcuts, I discovered that I’d mis-numbered a couple of posts in a row. Then I’d have to go back, figure out where the new mistake was and start again.

Eventually, I worked it all out. Two hours or more. What was I thinking?

I was thinking that figuring out where the errors were and fixing them would make me happy. And it did.

Now, only six more posts to go. I can’t believe the end is so near.


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2 thoughts on “I Can’t Count (Day 359)

  1. I think that’s impressive. And I could not have let the wrong numbering stay either. (It’s called “criticality” and that’s a good thing.)
    I still think you should download the whole year’s worth of blogs to a print book when you are finished.

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