Savory Oatmeal Is A Thing (Day 354)

About ten years ago, I stopped putting sweetener in my coffee. Immediately, I liked my coffee more. Good for me.

That one step, though, changed breakfast for me, forever. I found that anytime I ate anything sweet in the morning, I felt kind of sick. After awhile, I lost the desire for something sweet at breakfast time. I’ve never been a big fan of muffins or donuts for breakfast, but my desire for something not sweet went much deeper. No more fruit yogurt. No more cereal (maybe Cheerios.) No more oatmeal with brown sugar.

Lately, we’ve been eating more oatmeal. Defense against high cholesterol and all that. Usually, I toss in some craisins or raisins, maybe some coconut, maybe a few almond pieces. It’s good, but not something that I want too often.

This morning, while my steel cut oats were cooking, I realized that I didn’t want my normal toppings. What I really wanted was something savory. And plain oatmeal was out of the question. It was strange but I felt like I’d be breaking some unwritten rule if I turned my oatmeal into a savory meal. In my house, it has always been a sweet meal.

I decided to look online to find out if other people ate savory oatmeal, and if they did, how did they prepare it?

Not sure why I was surprised when I plugged “savory oatmeal” into Google and found pages upon pages of entries on the subject. I read through a few that sounded good, but they required sauteeing vegetables or cooking the oats in chicken broth and adding a little soy sauce at the end. I didn’t want to do any more work.

Then I found a recipe which was mostly savory with a touch of sweet that contained ingredients that didn’t need to be cooked and that I knew I had in my refrigerator and cabinets.

This morning for breakfast I had steel cut oats with bleu cheese crumbles (about two teaspoons), green grapes (about 8, sliced in half) and walnut pieces (a handful.) The person who recommended this combination said they initially tried it because their favorite homemade pizza has the same ingredients.

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but if it wasn’t for me, I could toss it and go back to the old standby. I had made enough oatmeal for three servings.

Anyway, no need to go back to craisins and coconut. The bleu cheese, grapes and walnut oatmeal was a hit. Tomorrow, I might saute some spinach and shallots and add that into the oatmeal.

I feel as though a whole new world of food has opened up for me.



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