When You Ask Your Husband What To Write About (Day 350)

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That was his one word answer to my serious question, “What should I write about on my blog today?”

Classy guy I married.

Truth is we spent much of today looking at toilets because we need a new one. So, his response wasn’t out of the blue.

We’re replacing the toilet on our main floor and knew pretty well what we wanted. We also knew we could get it at Lowes, so we went there. We found the one we wanted only to discover that next to the model, there weren’t any boxed products matching our choice.

When we looked for somebody to help us, there was not a single Lowe’s associate on the floor. Only ten minutes before, we were surrounded by them. All we would’ve had to do was reach out, and we’d have touched one of them. But when we needed someone, they had all disappeared.

This seemed odd, so we started scouting around the store, which is huge. Not a single Lowes associate to help us. Finally, about five minutes later, they started appearing like the munchkins from Munchkinland except they didn’t look like flowers and they were of average height.

The guy who helped us, looked up the model number and said that the store had 4 of this model on the floor. One was the one on display. There should’ve been three more, boxed, in the plumbing department. Our guy was young and told us that there were some up high over the displays for other plumbing products. He searched up and down the aisles, with my husband and I on his tail, and none of us could find a box with the correct model number.

Our guy called over another associate: a man twice his age, which meant closer to our age. This guy was awesome, helpful, but still couldn’t find what we needed. He was baffled. He retraced our steps and his own steps. Baffled.

Then, he said on an odd chance, the additional three toilets might be near the front of the store where they put random items on display. You should have seen the look on his face when he returned from the front of the store. He was right. The box we needed was in the front of the store.

Is it random that we chose the one toilet that they decided should be put on display as people walked into Lowes? I think not. We have good taste. Especially when it comes to the finer things in life like toilets.

If you’re planning to visit us anytime soon, I’d wait another week or two. Then you will have the opportunity to test out our lovely purchase.


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3 thoughts on “When You Ask Your Husband What To Write About (Day 350)

  1. Home improvement. One of the true joys of married life.
    We remodeled the kitchen this summer/fall, and while I can’t top your wayward toilets, some day I’ll explain why I thought it’d be a good idea to have the puppy neutered the same week we got the floors refinished…

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