How Does GoodReads Work? (Day 347)

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I clicked onto my GoodReads account today and realized that I have no idea how to use it. It’s obvious that one can rate books, make connections, announce what they are reading, but how does one “use” the site?

Facebook is easy. Scroll through posts, post your own material, connect with others, like and comment and link and share and wish people happy birthday, and then move on.

Twitter is a bit more complex (I think), but one can behave in that world the same way they do on Facebook. Scroll, post, like, comment, link, share, connect, buh-bye.

Instagram is the simplest. Scroll. Post photos. Like. Move on.

I don’t really bother with any other social media platforms, except occasionally LinkedIn. And I have a GoodReads account. Which I only use when looking up quotes.

It seems that people do some of the same things on GoodReads: scroll, post, like, connect, but it is different than the other networks I mention because it is focused on a subject: books and reading. This is a subject that interests me. I read a lot. I write. I’m always looking for a good book. Yet, for some unknown reason, I cannot get myself to use this platform.

Maybe if somebody walked me through how it would help me find books to read that I would enjoy. Or showed me how to help others do that. Or use it to communicate with other readers, if that is done beyond the rating and critiquing part.

For now, my GoodReads page is in hibernation. But I wish it weren’t. I have a feeling that I would find it more useful to me than the other social networks that are part of my daily life.


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