Reaching For the Nectar (Day 338)

The reason that the beak or bill on a hummingbird is longer in proportion to their body than other birds is so they can reach deep down into a tubular flower to get to the nectar.

This was news to me. I knew that the beak was long, but I didn’t know why.

Until today, when I sharpened my pencil, looked down, and thought, “the graphite point looks like a hummingbird’s beak.”

Most of the time, I write on my computer. Today, I decided to use pencil and paper. I felt like I needed to get at something that wasn’t coming to me. When I write by hand, I often am able to access those ideas that hide in the dark corners of my mind.

Maybe I needed to turn the tip of my pencil into a hummingbird’s beak so I could reach deep down into the mass of my brain tissue to get to the nectar.





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