A Glass of Whine (Day 337)

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It used to be I could drink more than a few glasses of wine and not get a headache. Or if i got a headache, it would be hours later, once the buzz had worn off. If I took a few aspirin and lots of water before bed, I avoided the headache.

The last few years, however, the headache comes within an hour or so of drinking said wine. Before I go to bed. Which you think would cause me to reconsider wine drinking. Honestly, I have thought about it, but that’s about all I’ve done.

If I drink one glass of wine, the headache doesn’t come. So I should stick to one glass and that’s that. But . . . sometimes I can safely drink two glasses. Sometimes. Sometimes all it takes is two glasses of wine to bring on a headache that could only be described as OWWWWW.

This afternoon, while we watched the Patriots game, I drank two glasses of wine. Over three hours time. Then I ate dinner. Then our guests left. Then my husband went to the basement to do some work.

I fell dead asleep on the sofa. Woke up two hours later with a massive headache. At ten p.m.

Now, I’m writing this after downing about a gallon of water and a couple of Advil.

I enjoy drinking wine, while I’m drinking it. It is only the after that causes me pain. Is that pain worse than the pain of not having the option of drinking wine?

Since I’m not quite ready to give it up completely, I felt it only right to do a little whining about it.


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3 thoughts on “A Glass of Whine (Day 337)

  1. Whine away, babe. I got so I couldn’t drink red wine at all, or the headache would hit before I finished the glass. Something to do with the tannins, I think. White wine doesn’t bother me. Well, unless I get carried away…

    1. With the red wine, it is histamines that get you. Somebody told me to take an antihistamine before and I wouldn’t get the headache. I haven’t tried it yet since antihistamines make me groggy.

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