Maybe If I Close My Eyes While I Watch (Day 336)

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I finally watched the first episode of “Making a Murderer.”

Why aren’t I drawn to watch more? Everybody I know who has seen it, has loved it, has found it addictive, has recommended it to me.

The truth is that I want to know what happens to the guy. I want to understand the meaning of the title, but I’m not sure I’m inclined to watch several more episodes to find out. I’m sure I could ask somebody who saw the whole thing. Or I could Google it.

I was expecting a video version of the audio podcast, “Serial.” “Serial” was a binge-listen for me. If I didn’t have responsibilities, I would have listened to the entire series in one sitting.

In trying to figure out what made one so addictive and the other not, I realized that in “Making a Murderer” I didn’t like seeing each person as they spoke about the case. I was distracted by the faces and their dress and the places where they live and work.

What drew me so deeply into the “Serial” story was my ability to focus on the pieces of information as they were shared. Without distractions, I became more deeply involved in analyzing the interviews and evidence that the researchers had gathered. This made me want to know more, and quickly, because I needed to figure out if justice was served or the wrong man was incarcerated.

My grandfather always used to talk about the radio shows of his youth. “The Shadow Knows.” “Abbott & Costello.” “Amos & Andy.” As a child, I couldn’t understand his pull toward radio over TV. I knew he grew up with it, so that was a part of it, but he seemed to feel connected to these radio shows in a way that he wasn’t connected to television shows.

Maybe I haven’t given “Making a Murderer” enough of a chance. Maybe I should watch one more episode, just in case I’m missing something.

But my time is limited. And if I’m going to binge on anything, it’s going to be the second season of “Serial” once the whole season is available online.


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4 thoughts on “Maybe If I Close My Eyes While I Watch (Day 336)

    1. Maybe. 😉 But I still think Serial is a better program than the Murderer one. Although I haven’t given the M one a fair shot, having only watched the one episode.

  1. “I was distracted by the faces and their dress etc”….exactly why I can’t watch serial episodes week to week/

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