Bring On the Juice (Day 334)

(Photo credit: TheFoodJunk via / CC BY-NC-SA)

We needed half and half and a couple of other grocery items, so I ran to the store, picked up the stuff, and as I headed toward the checkout lines, I saw a couple of plastic boxes, exactly the size I needed to store some holiday items. When I got into the line, I dropped the boxes on the conveyor belt, and my absolutely adorable, 16-year old cashier looked from me to the boxes and back again and said enthusiastically, “Wow.”

These were standard, 30-quart plastic storage containers, made by Sterilite. I’ve bought many like them in the past. Most of us have at the very least seen them in somebody’s garage or attic or Target. But my young cashier was seeing this type of box for the first time in his life.

“You know what you could do with one of these boxes?” he said cheerfully as he ran the barcode. He didn’t wait for me to respond. “You could fill it with juice.”

I smiled and nodded, unsure how to respond. Personally, I’d never fill one of those containers with juice.

“Or, in the summer, you could half fill it with ice and the rest with water and take it with you when you go outside,” he said.

“I’d never thought of that,” I said. “It’s a good idea.”

I didn’t actually think it was a good idea but he was so friggin’ cute. And excited.

He turned to the woman bagging my stuff and said, “Isn’t that a great idea?” Then he turned back to me. “I’m going to tell my mother to buy a box just like these so I can fill it in the summer.”

I grinned, maybe even laughed, kindly, and paid my bill. As I started to leave, he called out to me, “Have an amazing rest of your day!”

“You too,” I called back, and then I did. Have an amazing rest of my day.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of a teenaged boy still full of childlike wonder.


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