Stars in the Sand and in Other Places, Too (Day 332)

It’s late.

At 10 pm or so, I was sitting at the bar (yes I am incredibly hip and cool, out on a Tuesday night) in a restaurant in Lynn, MA talking to my friend about what I was going to post tonight.

I told her about a cool thing that came across my desk. In Okinawa, Japan, on a few beaches, the sand is star-shaped. Really. See it here.

Then I mentioned that I might post about the event we went to earlier in the evening: a living room conversation with novelist and editor of The Best Short Stories series of books, Heidi Pitlor. She was interesting and explained how her newest novel, The Daylight Marriage, is not like Gone Girl, even though the plot is based on the disappearance of a wife the morning after she and her husband have a huge fight.

But what I realized when I sat down to write is that what I really want to say is that it is a joy to be able to spend a weeknight out in the city, among other people interested in books and other creative things, and to top off the evening with a glass of wine and a burger with a dear writer friend whom I don’t see as often as I’d like, despite living in the same community.

I am inspired by other writers/creatives and this friend, whenever we are together, reminds me of the value of who we are and what we do.

How lucky am I to be among such amazing people?

Pretty darn lucky if you ask me.


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