Obsessive Jigsaw Puzzling (Day 331)

The only thing of value I did today was shovel the driveway. And it was the kind of dry snow that is easy to shovel. And our driveway isn’t that long.

This is what I did all day: worked on the puzzle I started last night.

I asked for a puzzle as a gift. I thought it would be a good thing to do when I’m bored or distracted, instead of fiddling with my computer. The computer has become an addiction, so I asked for a puzzle to break that addiction.

My mother-in-law got one for me.

I intended to work on it in the evenings, when I wasn’t working or doing other things of importance. Ha ha ha ha ha.

All day long.

My neck hurts, my eyes hurt, my brain hurts and thoughts about all the things I was going to do today are so overwhelming that I push them away when they try to surface.

So, honey, don’t ask me if I got around to that thing with the phone or the boiler or if I did any writing today. If you do, I will take it out on you. Fair warning.

When I go to bed tonight, I’m going to cover the puzzle with a sheet, so tomorrow, I can pretend that it doesn’t exist. It’s not that hard to trick me.


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