Imagination (Day 330)

(Photo via Visual Hunt)

We are walking through the city of Salem today on our way to the Peabody Essex Museum when a small boy and his father pass by us.

The boy must be four or five years old and his head is up in the air and he’s turning, scanning the world around him, a look of awe on his face. As they are passing by us, the little boy says, with great enthusiasm, to his father, “I think we’re in New York City!”

The father laughs and explains to his child that it is the city of Salem, Massachusetts but the boy doesn’t seem to process his father’s words. He skips ahead looking at the buildings and the people and the stores and churches and museums all around him.

As far as he is concerned, he is in New York City. Even if he isn’t.

I wish I could see the world through this boy’s eyes, every day.


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