I Scream, You Scream (Day 327)

Can you guess what the object is pictured above?

I’ll give you a few hints, told in story form.

My daughter had her wisdom teeth out on Monday. On Tuesday, she asked if I would go to an ice cream shop and get her a coffee ice cream milkshake. Thrilled to get out of the house, I left and brought home a large coffee milkshake. She drank half of it and put the rest of it in the freezer. For later.

On Wednesday, she wasn’t in the mood for a coffee milkshake, so it stayed in the freezer until Thursday, when she asked me if I would blend the frozen milkshake in the blender to improve its texture.

I soaked the paper cup under hot water to loosen the sides and bottom of the now frozen shake. I dumped the cup-shaped milkshake into the blender. Then I used a fork to break up the iciness. While using said fork, both my daughter and I noticed a big chocolate chip in the ice cream. Her milkshake did not have chocolate chips in it.

No, she said, it’s an Oreo. Her shake was not supposed to have Oreos in it either. But as I scraped the ice, I realized it was a chocolate covered mint, like a mini peppermint patty. Also, not something that was supposed to be in the shake.

It wasn’t a mini peppermint patty. I scraped some more and found the object in the photo above.

Any ideas what it was?

When we returned it to the ice cream shop this afternoon, the owner thanked us profusely because he noticed it was missing after he made that shake and thought he was going to have to buy another one for $15. We saved him $15.

It was part of the milkshake-making machine. A knob that was necessary to make the machine work. Lucky for him, he had two other milkshake-making machines. And lucky for him, we brought back the original part.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with his response to our explanation of how we ended up with the knob. It was more about how thankful he was that we saved him a few bucks than how embarrassed or sorry he was that there was a piece of machinery in my daughter’s milkshake.

I decided not to make a big deal of it.

And graciously accepted the free ice cream he offered.


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2 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream (Day 327)

    1. It was pretty disappointing. I rarely go to that place but my daughters love to go there when the older one comes home. So, now they know to be extra careful.

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