Happy For The Freezer Food (Day 325)

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A few weeks back, I cooked several meals and divided them in family-sized portions. I put them in the freezer for one of those days when I’m been extremely busy, don’t have time to cook, want a real meal, and don’t want to pick up dinner.

Those meals were intended for those days.

Instead, I served one last night despite the fact that I was in the house most of the day with a teenager who’d just had her wisdom teeth pulled. I could easily have pulled something out of the refrigerator and put together a meal, but I put it off and put it off until it was time to eat.

Freezer meal to the rescue!

And it was good. They were handheld chicken pot pies, which looked like mini calzones, except filled with chicken pot pie filling. Everybody was happy.

I had forgotten about the Fall harvest soup I’d also frozen but noticed it when I pulled out the pot pies last night. All day, most of it spent doing household stuff, the soup kept showing up in my mind. Finally, I pulled a container of it out of the freezer. Currently it is heating up on the stove.

I’ve changed my outlook: those freezer meals now are intended for whenever I want to use them.

Maybe I should find another day soon when I make some more?


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