Problem-Solving 101 (Day 320)

(Photo credit: Joe in DC via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND)

Sometimes all it takes is acknowledging the problem to begin to fix it.

I didn’t end up reading that book about resistance yesterday because as soon as I finished writing the blog post, I spent the next hour and a half working on the project I’d been resisting.

We all have our tricks and tools to motivate ourselves, although often we forget we have them until they become absolutely necessary. Writing about whatever is nagging at me often leads me to get through the anxiety and back into living. Often what I can’t articulate in my head, I can articulate on paper or at least begin to comprehend. For me, writing is a get out of jail card.

This is one of the things I’ve always known on a subconscious level but haven’t truly acknowledged to myself until recently.

There are many times that I question my sanity regarding taking on a 365-day public writing project, but more and more, I’ve come to understand that I need to write daily the way some people need to meditate or drink a glass of wine or talk on the phone to their closest friend.

Ideas are foggy in my mind; on the page, they become clear.


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