Trying Something New, Temporarily (Day 317)

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This past week, while on vacation, my internet access has been less than ideal. Slow connections. Spotty connections. No connections.

It’s vacation, I say to myself, why do I need the internet? I can write my blog on my phone and send it out via 4G. Otherwise, shouldn’t I be vacationing? Taking advantage of the sunny, 80-degree days?

Yes. Of course. But there are lulls. Between the beach and dinner reservations. Between my shower and when everybody else is ready to go wherever we will go.

I could be reading books during my down time. Or taking a leisurely stroll. Or simply doing nothing. Breathing. Relaxing. Day-dreaming.

But the internet calls. I find myself opening (or in this case, frustratingly trying to open) my emails, my social media counts, Google or Yelp or some other site ideal for research without even being fully conscious that I’m doing it until after I’m already entrenched.

This is not healthy. I know that. But neither is going back and forth between my mother’s den and kitchen late at night, eating all the frozen Halloween candy she saved for a rainy day. And I continue to do that.

I’m still visiting my Mom, without my family, for a few more days. My schedule is pretty open except for a few obligations midweek. What if I try to only open my email and social media accounts once a day? What if I only use search sites if it is in regard to an activity I will do while I’m here? What if I only open my reader stats for my blog once a day, when I open the program to post my next day’s blog?

I’m going to give it a try. Along with avoiding what’s left of that frozen Halloween candy.

But let me get one more Snickers before I begin.



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