Is It a Pi Day Thing? (Day 314 . . .159265358)

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Have you ever read the menu at a fine restaurant and wondered how you were going to choose what to eat since everything sounded so good? To add to the confusion, you weren’t especially hungry but you’d been looking forward to this night at this restaurant, which you dined at ages ago and loved. You are the one who suggested you get the reservation, despite the high prices, because it was worth it.

It was worth it. The place is called Sea Salt and is located in downtown Naples, Florida. I did suggest we go for the last night with my husband, kids and mother before vacation ended. Last time we were there was also with Mom and I remembered she loved it as much as we did.

But I couldn’t eat. Everything I ordered looked beautiful, but I’ve had a cold so everything tasted like salt or sugar to me. No nuance of flavor. Which had nothing to do with the food. Or the restaurant. It was all me.

Everybody else oohed and ahhed about their food. I picked at mine and moved it around the plate so it looked like I’d eaten more than I had. There was still enough left for the waiter to ask me, while clearing plates, if everything was okay with my food.

I love food. I love well-made, interesting, gourmet food. I didn’t know I had it in me to push it away, especially since the salmon I did eat melted in my mouth the way fine food should.

I told the waiter that it was delicious and asked to take it home.

Maybe tomorrow my sense of taste will be back. Or maybe I will be so hungry from not eating dinner that I will enjoy it regardless.



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2 thoughts on “Is It a Pi Day Thing? (Day 314 . . .159265358)

    1. It’s only a cold. I’m about to give the leftovers a try right now. And I’m pretty hungry so that’s a good start. 😉

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