The Great Holiday Card Washout (Day 302)

I couldn’t find a good photo of my family or of just my two daughters from the past year, at least not one that I felt would work for a holiday photo. I’ve been busy with other things, so I used this as an excuse not to make a photo holiday card this year.

I didn’t mention this to my family, thinking that by the time they realized, it would be too late to make it happen and knowing that if I told them, they’d push me to find a photo and go for it.

Unfortunately for me, I got caught. The family realized. The husband came up with a nice, recent picture of the daughters. It was the second week in December and if I got on it quickly, I could get one done.

That night I created a card. I decided to use a black and white version of the photo because I loved the way it made the trees in the background look ethereal. I figured I could brighten up the photo with the writing on the card or a border.

After a couple of hours working my way through options for the card, I finally found one that I thought would work. I made the card. I proofed it. I ordered it. I received it.

I guess proofing at midnight is not a good idea. There aren’t any typos and the photo is still sweet but somehow I managed to choose the worst design and colors for the lettering that I could have chosen. Because of the layout, the card looks washed out, like we’re saying, “Here’s what this year has been like: colorless. And ethereal (which looks good on background trees but not especially on holiday cards.)

Anyway, I’m still sending out the cards because the girls and the dog look happy together, despite their somewhat faded images. And the sentiment is still there.

We wish you a happy . . . everything.


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