Latkes and Martinis (Day 300)

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It has been years since I’ve had a latke (for those not in the know, latkes are fried potato pancakes that Jews eat on Chanukah–something to do with the oil that was supposed to burn for one night but burned for eight). Not so long since I’ve had a martini. And never in combination.

But tonight my husband and I were invited to a holiday party called, “Latkes and Martinis” where they served, you guessed it, latkes and martinis and a whole lot of other stuff.

The only people I knew at the party were the hosts and my husband, but people were nice and I had a good time.

I’d forgotten how good latkes can be. The host told me that the day after Thanksgiving, they spend hours making latkes, which they freeze until party day. Then into the oven. At least five batches of a hundred latkes came out during the three hours that I was there. I have no idea how many martinis they made but the house was littered with martini glasses.

The only problem with a latke and martini party is that if you live a 45 minute drive away from the party location, one of the people in the car has to be able to drive. Which means going light on the martinis. Very light. Or soaking up the martinis with lots of latkes.

Ends up both of us were fine to drive and we got home safely.

But I’m thinking that maybe next year we’ll rent a hotel room near the party that night. Assuming they invite us back.


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