Dental Work is a Pain in the Mouth (Day 296)

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I have been putting a lot of time into this draft of my novel. Lately getting through 20 pages a day, which is a lot. And it’s moving along in the way I’d hoped.

Until . . . I had my teeth worked on, again.

I left the dental office around 10:45 am.

I expected to come home, take a little break, and then get right back to my writing/rewriting/revising. But the pain was bad.

I kept waiting for my Advil/Extra Strength Tylenol cocktail to kick in. I finally decided to try to ignore the pain and distract myself with my writing. Two pages took me two hours and I’m sure that when I reread them tomorrow, I’m going to realize they don’t make sense.

I took more meds after 4 hours (despite being told to take them every 6-8 hours). I iced my face. I tried to sleep. I tried to watch TV. I tried to pet the dog. No relief.

I thought about calling the dentist but the only problem I had was pain. No swelling. No fever. And I really didn’t want to go on a “painkiller.” They always make me feel better, pain-wise, but also worse, functioning-wise.

And I am hungry. But the idea of opening my mouth and then of chewing is so horrifying to me that I’m making my way on water and over the counter medicine.

It’s now been about four hours since the last dose of meds. I’m going to take them again, try to find something in my house to eat that doesn’t make me want to weep. If another hour or so goes by and the pain doesn’t lessen at all, I’ll call the dentist and see what she has to say.

At the start of our appointment, she asked about my blog, if there were days that I can’t get to writing until 11 pm. Or days that I just didn’t want to write anything. I grunted because it’s hard to say much with your mouth open and filled with tools.

I can tell her now that today, I did not want to write a blog post. I also knew that if I put it off until 11 pm, it would not get done.

Having said that, I made a commitment 294 days ago to write daily for 365 days. So I’m here doing it, unsuccessfully attempting to distract myself from the pain.


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