We Are Fragile (Day 293)

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I came across these two Amy Winehouse performances this morning on Austin Kleon’s blog. (If you aren’t reading his blog or following his Tumblr feed and you like creative stuff: art, music, literature, then you should be!)

What an amazing way to start my day.

This got me thinking about how I never saw the documentary about Amy Winehouse’s life when it was in the theater. It was recently released for streaming, so I watched it this evening.

I know it got great reviews and it was quite well done, but about halfway through, I’d had enough. I did watch it to the end because I have a hard time not watching to the end, but I found myself doing distracting things so I didn’t have to watch the magnitude of her deterioration.

What it left me with was how fragile we all are. I know that her fame pushed her over the top but she was already fragile, and quite beautiful in her fragility, long before she became famous. Our fragility is there, whether it obvious because it lays on the surface (as I think mine often does), or it is hidden so deep that we don’t see it in ourselves. I know both types of people and variations as well. We all do.

It makes me cry that somebody with Amy Winehouse’s talent and presence wished, as she says towards the end of the film, she could give it all back and walk down the street like a normal person.

It also makes me sad that so many of us have trouble walking down the street like a normal person and appreciating our lives and our world and the people, places and things that fill it up.


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2 thoughts on “We Are Fragile (Day 293)

  1. I love Amy Winehouse’s music but have not seen her documentary. I can only imagine how disturbing it must be. What you say about fragility here is so true and I don’t think we as humans think enough about the fact that we are fragile in so many ways. We need to be sensitive to others, their feelings and their struggles. Just as we wash our fine china so carefully and thoughtfully, we need to treat every person that way. Beautiful post Sara. 🙂

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