Getting Lost In The Online Mall (Day 290)

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I haven’t done any of my shopping for holiday gifts. That’s not completely true. I bought a couple of J.Crew sweaters for my daughter, but when they came in, I couldn’t wait to give them to her. She needs sweaters yesterday, so I had her try them on. They fit. What was I going to do? Take them away and package them up for Christmas? So I let her keep them.

Back to the drawing board.

I’m writing a lot right now. I set my phone for an hour, write, write, write and when the alarm rings, I take a ten minute break. I get up, walk around, stretch out, check my email.

During one of my breaks, midday, I decided to look for a specific gift that I knew I wanted to get. I went directly to the site only to find out that it was backordered until mid-March. I decided to check a department store to see if they had a similar product. They did and it looked well-made and it was only backordered until December 17th, so I bought it.

Meanwhile, I realized that I could pick out several of my gifts on the department store sight. I usually have a lot of luck with so I started searching for other things I wanted to get for others as gifts. I scanned through hundreds of products, thousands, and ended up buying four gifts, which fit the bill. Good on me.

Except when I looked at my clock, another hour had passed by. Then a friend phoned and we talked for awhile, mostly about things that needed to be discussed. Twenty minutes later, we hung up. I needed to get up and stretch. And I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch. It was 3:15 pm. So I ate and cleaned the kitchen and got the mail and finally got back to my writing around 4:45.

Now it’s 8 pm. I’ve been perched on the sofa with my laptop since I began writing again. Good thing dinner for the family was leftovers. Everybody on his or her own. And since I ate lunch so late, I’m just starting to get hungry for mine.



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