Looking Back and Looking Forward (Day 288)

I usually ignore the Facebook reminders of posts from a year ago or two years ago or three, but the one that showed up this morning surprised me.

Six years is not that long a time when you are fifty. I don’t think I look that different from how I looked in 2009. Maybe I do, but I don’t see it so much. I feel the same way about my friends. They don’t look so different.

But the children, that’s where we can see how long six years really can be. The photo above is of my younger daughter on December 6, 2009. She was eleven years old. Now, at 17, she looks much, much, much older. She won’t let me take a picture of her right now, so I don’t have a comparison for you, but trust me, she is full grown now. She’s a couple of inches taller than me while back then she barely scaled my shoulders. She was a little kid. Only six years ago.

My father-in-law is also in the picture. I don’t think he’s changed much at all. Just the girl. Who is now, undoubtedly, a woman.


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4 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Forward (Day 288)

  1. It is funny how how much easier it is to mark the passage of time with kids. Even funnier? How surprised people act when they see how much a kid has grown.

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