How Americans Deal With Gun Violence (Day 284)

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Every time I drive out to visit or pick up my daughter at college, I take I-84 and drive past Newtown, Connecticut, home to Sandy Hook Elementary School. Without even realizing it until after the fact, I always hold my breath.

And that, folks, is how Americans deal with gun violence.

We talk about how awful it is, we argue over gun control, and then we do nothing. Except if you’re me, you hold your breath when you pass by the town of one of the more horrifically violent incidents of the past few years.

The question is not why do these things happen? It is how can we make it stop?

I don’t have the answer. I feel helpless and hopeless. Why aren’t we putting more dedicated attention on facing this huge problem and figuring out the solutions? Why are we (myself included) waiting for somebody with more power to figure it out for us?

After  we sort through what happened in San Bernardino and at the Planned Parenthood clinic, after we determine what kind of people committed these horrors, are we going to close our eyes or bury our heads in the sand or hold our collective breath until we are shocked again by such violence?

There must be something we can do immediately. If anybody has ideas, please share.


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4 thoughts on “How Americans Deal With Gun Violence (Day 284)

  1. I believe I heard at one point that the women of Ireland do something (I recall TV images of marches) to help end The Troubles? I’m ready to march anywhere between here and DC, if it helps.

  2. I am looping back to this post because I have a tiny bit of experience at Sandy Hook elementary through my work. Agreed, beyond insane. Sending you info via Facebook about a group that seems to be doing well organizing and advocating.

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