This Isn’t The Post It Was Supposed To Be (Day 283)

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I’m interested in everything. I always want to go deeper. And wider. And even wider.

This should be a good thing. This is a good thing. Except when it is not.

Lately, I’ve started my day with my “Happy” light. The idea is to keep it within a couple feet of you, blaring its light, for about 45 minutes in the morning. This will keep the sundowners syndrome from creeping into your day. I’m prone to that, so I bought the light.

While I’ve got the light on, I scroll through my email. I receive several daily emails that direct me to articles that sound interesting. I read a lot in those 45 minutes, but I don’t get to a quarter of what I’ve received that morning that sounds interesting to me. So I click on the links to the articles or videos or audios that I don’t get to in my 45 minutes and save them on my computer. I don’t put them on my Safari “Reading List” because I know I’ll never look at them again. I don’t bookmark them for the same reason. I keep them as an open tab on my computer, which I minimize while I go about my day.

Every so often, I have 20 minutes to read (during lunch, when I can’t seem to get myself to work on my writing, when I’m sitting on hold with the insurance company), so I open one of the links and read. If I find the article not as interesting as I’d expected, I will stop in the middle, delete the link, and move on to the next thing.

I get into the most trouble when I save video or audio files. They are almost always longer than a few minutes. And often, they are part of a series of files on a subject that I want to know more about. Two hours pass in a minute when I get stuck in that sort of loop.

I know the answer is to stop opening the links. Stop saving them. Stop reading them.

But I can’t. Or rather I won’t.

My drive to know is too strong. Which is why I need to end here. I’ve got fifteen links left to read or listen to before tomorrow, when I’m sure to add a boatload more.

(Note to Readers: I opened this document intending to write about climate change. I came across an article that does a pretty good job explaining the basics and wanted to share it with you. I also wanted to talk about it, but instead, the stuff above came out. So here’s the link to the NYT article, “Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change“. I hope you read it. It was clear and concise and addressed the issues without overwhelming me.)


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5 thoughts on “This Isn’t The Post It Was Supposed To Be (Day 283)

  1. I tend to get hooked on technology reviews and articles, especially when I’m thinking about upgrading a device. I’ve been reading quite a bit about the Surface Pro 4, which came out recently, because I bought the 3 when I started at my current school and it’s been a good computer.

    1. I must admit that tech reviews don’t distract me in the least, but we’re all drawn to different stuff. I don’t even know what Surface Pro is. 😉

      1. You might have seen a commercial for it. It’s made by Microsoft and is built like a tablet with a built-in kickstand on the back that opens and closes so you can prop it up on a tablet. You can attach a keyboard (available separately) to it with magnets and use it just like a laptop, except its design makes it less than ideal to use in one’s lap. It comes with a digital pen that lets you write notes or draw on the screen, which has been awesome for doing math problems for school. It’s pretty thin and light to carry in a backpack and overall I’m really happy with it.

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