And Then It’s Over (Day 278)

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All day (all week?), you prepare and entertain and eat. And then it is over.

I think I take the time to appreciate while I’m in the middle of it. But after, since I never remember to take photos, I don’t have any record of what happened. Except in my mind. Which distorts. A lot.

These are the things I love about Thanksgiving:

  1. Hosting my family and friends
  2. Making my table look pretty
  3. Preparing the traditional meal minus the sweet potato-marshmallow casserole
  4. Trying out a few new recipes (this year, a sweet and sour roasted vegetable dish and a funky new salad dressing)
  5. Staying in my PJs all day until a half hour before the guests arrive
  6. Seeing everybody enjoying their meals and engaged in conversation
  7. Hearing people laugh at random moments
  8. Watching friends take over the clean-up
  9. Flopping on the sofa with the rest of the family, after the guests leave, and we’re all exhausted from all of that eating
  10. Deciding to get out of the house and go to the movies (Mockingjay 2) with my family
  11. Replaying the day to remind myself what I am thankful for




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