Sleek and Chic and Full of Information (Day 275)

She’s space gray. Sleek and chic. Light as a box of brown sugar (I know this because I googled ‘things that weigh two pounds’). And she can hide, undetected, beneath an 81/2″ x 11″ piece of paper.

I finally picked up my new laptop. My new Macbook, which is sitting on top of my old Macbook in the photo above.

I’d like to say that once I told the Apple geniuses about the problems I had with data migration that they fixed everything without a hitch, but that would be a lie. They were extremely kind, but even the geniuses couldn’t figure out why the data would not migrate from my hard drive to my new computer. So, on Saturday morning, they took my old computer and new computer and promised to manually transfer all of the data from old to new.

They told me it would take 24-36 hours, which was disappointing but not unexpected. They said they’d call as soon as they had an estimate of when to pick it up. When I didn’t hear from them by Sunday morning, I called and was told it should be finished by the end of the workday (5 pm).

Wrong. They called me on my home phone (I’d told them to call on my cell phone) around 3 pm, which I couldn’t get because I was sitting in the middle school auditorium, watching the local high school’s amazing production of My Fair Lady. When I got home, I got their message. “Please call us. We can’t start your migration until we talk to you.” They told me how to bypass the automated message and get directly to them, which I did, but it was too late. They’d closed up shop for the day.

This morning I had to wait until 10 am to reach the tech team. When I did, they told me they had the wrong password for my new computer and couldn’t get into it without the password. I’d specifically asked the guy who wrote up the order for me if they needed both passwords and he told me they only needed the one for the old computer. I should’ve gone with my instincts and given both passwords, but he assured me that it wasn’t necessary. Wrong, again.

I gave the password and they said they’d call later in the day with an estimate of completion time. I believed them. I finally called them at 3:30 pm, because I had to return something to a store about a half hour from me before 5 pm and had thought I’d pick up the computers on the way. The person who answered the phone checked with the tech guys and they said they would be finished in five minutes, tops. I knew my schedule was tight, so I asked if I arrived at their store in 25 minutes, would the computers be ready to go. The guy checked again with the tech guys and assured me that I would be able to pick them up then.

I walked into the Apple store 40 minutes after I spoke with the guy, who assured me the computers definitely would be ready in 25 minutes, only to learn that the tech guys needed another half hour before it would be ready for me.

I’m not a confrontational person. I rarely lash out at people, especially people I don’t know. Especially service people who do their best to service the customer. But, this time, to my own distress, I lost it. I may have used the F-word. I may have used the F-word before the word idiots. I may have said that I’d had enough. I may have shocked the young woman, who in her defense, remained calm and apologized profusely. I walked out of the store and rushed to get to the other place I had to get to before 5 pm. I got there at 4:55.

After several months of problems with my aging computer, I finally took the plunge and bought a new computer only to lose both computers, the primary tool that allows me to do my job. Then 24 hours turned into 60. I picked the computer up at 8:30, when I was finally free again to go to the Apple store.

Thank goodness she is so pretty and light and exactly what I needed. It feels so good to use her now, as I write my day’s blog post.


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