Murphy’s Law Lives (Day 272)

(photo: what the screen looks like when I’m writing my blog posts.)

I got a new computer. Forgot to bring my hard drive to the Apple store so they could help me transfer the old information onto the new computer. Brought it home. Set it up and voila!

I said, “Voila!” But voila didn’t do the trick.

The new MacBook does not have a USB port. We thought ahead and bought an adapter. However, while the adapter we bought allowed us to plug the hard drive into the new computer, it did not allow me to charge the computer at the same time. So I’m forced to charge it first. Which is what I’m doing right now.

I tried to transfer the information onto the computer despite the low battery, which worked fine (and probably would have for a little while), except when the computer found my hard drive, it did not show the files for my old computer, which I’d backed up today.

Just in case, I double-checked that the backup went through this morning. And it did despite it not showing up on the drive when connected to the new computer.

So I sit in frustration with plans to return to the Apple Store tomorrow with the new computer, the hard drive, the wrong USB adapter and a good attitude.

I may have to work hard at bringing that good attitude.


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