Getting Out Of A Rut (Day 270)

I get into ruts.

There is this idea that a writer should have a routine. When you write and for how long. When you edit. When you research. Where you write.

I am not good at doing the same thing for the same amount of time in the same place on a regular basis. So, I have a version of a routine around when I write or edit or research. A version of a routine around where I write. And when I get into a rut, I change my routine.

Today, I needed to change locations. Lately, I’ve been writing at home, seated in the family room, my computer in my lap, my papers spread out on the couch and the coffee table. But today, I knew, as soon as I woke that I had to get out of the house.

I had some appointments in the morning but planned to take my work to the library in the afternoon. I picked up some lunch and drove to the lighthouse, where I parked my car and ate my food. Instead of going to the library, I pulled my work out in the car.

The sun beat into my car despite the chilly weather. I did not need to turn the car back on for heat.

Seat pushed back, notebook in hand, I read through recent notes and edits and wrote. A few hours passed before I knew it. And when I looked up, what I saw was the ocean and the park around the lighthouse, and the lighthouse.

And I gave thanks for being lucky enough to live where I do, to do the work that I do, to have the life that I have.


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