Abnormal Behaviors May Occur (Day 267)

( Photo Credit: Medicine 04 by Taki Steve on flickr.com. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

How bizarre are television drug advertisements?

During the football game today, I saw an ad with this line printed across the bottom of the screen: “xyz may cause yeast infections of the vagina or penis.” Seriously?

It isn’t like I haven’t seen a lot of these commercials in the past. I suppose this one ad threw me because I rarely watch TV anymore. Netflix, yes. But real time TV, not so much. I do watch football games, but I tend to leave the room during commercials.

I’m a busy person. 😉

For the most part, commercials are no longer a part of my TV watching experience. I’d forgotten how ridiculous and crude they can be. Also how silly they are. The actors are always younger and more beautiful than the real people who are most likely to need or use the drugs being advertised. The beautiful people smile a whole lot more than normal people do, especially those who need medication. I smile a lot. I do not smile close to as often the commercial people.

The commercials must work, though. They keep coming. In 2014, television accounted for 61.6 percent of pharma’s direct-to-consumer advertising dollars. In 2014, pharma spent 4.53 billion dollars on prescription drug advertising.  61.6 percent of 4.35 billion. That’s a lot of cash.

This is the question that rises to the surface for me: who sees a commercial warning them that if they take the advertised drug, they may get diarrhea or have hallucination or get a yeast infection in their vagina or penis and then wants to take that medicine?

Not me.




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