My Fine-Feathered Friends (Day 266)

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I often wonder if I’d sat in a different place at an all day event, would I have made different friends?

Every time I go to a writing conference, I leave feeling like there are four or five people who’ve entered my circle and are here to stay. I look at my Facebook feed and I see them and interact with them. Not just conference friends but also writing friends from courses I’ve taken or events I’ve attended.

There is something fascinating about bringing together a bunch of people who write, who struggle to get it right, who feel much more comfortable communicating on the page than face to face, who work so damn hard without the security of a paycheck to make something that will resonate with other people. Being among them, for me, who is one of them, is a coming home. It’s like walking into a family reunion of relatives you’ve never met.

I looked around at the end of the day today, after I said my goodbyes to the three new friends I made at the writing conference, and noticed other groupings of people saying goodbye, clearly, like us, people who’d never seen one another before today.

If I were sitting in a different place in the room, would I have made friends with the old guy with the beard? Or the beautiful woman with the flowy skirt? Or the one who looked like one of my cousins? I guess it doesn’t really matter. I loved getting acquainted with the three women seated around me. We ate lunch together, got excited for one another when we returned from our agent meetings, all took a few bucks out of our wallets to give to the homeless woman who told us her tragic story.

There is something about these quickly made friends, who have a vocation/avocation in common, that leaves me feeling confident that we will keep touch. And this makes me happy.

Birds of a feather, I’ve been told, flock together.




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