Is Stick-to-it-tiveness Enough? (Day 262)

Because I’ve been feeling a little low lately and not pumped to do much of value, including this blog, I thought I’d mention to all of you, but more importantly to me, that I have written my thoughts in a public forum for 260 consecutive days. That’s just over 37 weeks. Straight.

I should be proud of my persistence. That’s what people keep telling me. That’s what I keep telling myself.

But, the truth is I’m not.

I’m pleased that I’ve managed to stick to my commitment, but I’m not proud of myself. I’d be proud if I felt that what I’ve said each day has some value to the world. I’d be proud if I felt like people were listening and gleaning something that helps them or interests them. I’d be proud if I felt like I was adding to the conversation as opposed to just adding to the noise.

260 days of rant. 165 days left.

165 days left to do what it takes to make myself proud. Will I succeed?

Only time will tell.


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6 thoughts on “Is Stick-to-it-tiveness Enough? (Day 262)

  1. Sara, I think you should be proud of sticking to your commitment to write every day! I enjoy reading your blog and can relate to almost everything you write about. It’s awesome to read about real life and not just a glorified version of it. Keep up the fantastic work, we all have times when we wonder if our goals are unrealistic but to put it out here and make it so public is really special. Write on!

    1. Thank you Barbara! It helps to know there are people out there reading and relating. I think the thing that troubles me is that while I am honest, there are so many things I’d like to write about but cannot because it would hurt or bother somebody whom I love. Leaves me feeling like my “honesty” is similar to sins of omission.

    1. Very smart and kind of you to direct me to a previous post. I so appreciate all the support you continue to give me through this process. Thank you Suzanne.

  2. Sara, I look forward to your posts every day and there’s a lot to be said about stick-to-it-tiveness – if nothing else you set your mind to something big and accomplished it. Great job.

    1. I do love that my close friends are such loyal readers. And I do feel the sense of accomplishment. I just want to give more and haven’t quite figured out how to do that. Thank you Sharon.

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