Loneliness, Failure, Rejection (Day 260)

(photo credit: First Aid, Second World War by Todd Lappin on flickr.com. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

The TED talk I just watched blew me away. It addresses how we can improve the quality of our emotional lives in the same way that 100 years ago, the introduction of personal hygiene increased the length of our lives.

Here is some of what psychologist and author, Guy Winch, had to say:

We sustain psychological injuries even more often than we do physical ones, injuries like failure or rejection or loneliness. And they can also get worse if we ignore them, and they can impact our lives in dramatic ways. And yet, even though there are scientifically proven techniques we could use to treat these kinds of psychological injuries, we don’t. It doesn’t even occur to us that we should. “Oh, you’re feeling depressed? Just shake it off; it’s all in your head.” Can you imagine saying that to somebody with a broken leg: “Oh, just walk it off; it’s all in your leg.” It is time we closed the gap between our physical and our psychological health. It’s time we made them more equal.”

I encourage you to watch the whole thing. It makes so much sense and somehow we haven’t considered it as an option.

Link to the TED talk here.



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