We’ve Got The Workday All Wrong (Day 254)

(photo credit: Dreaming by Alice Popkorn on flickr.com.  https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

Sometimes I think school and work should start at noon.

I usually think that on days when the people in my family are all too exhausted or distracted by work to talk to each other at night. We don’t ignore one another but conversation tends toward the mono-syllable rather than meaningful discussion.

If work and school didn’t start until noon, it is likely that we would spend more time at the beginning of the day in our homes, interacting with each other. I think about how on weekends, we sit at the table at the same time and drink coffee or eat breakfast or read the paper. Why can’t we do that every day?

It would be good for family relationships because if we’re well rested, we’re less likely to snap at each other and more likely to engage each other in a positive way. And it would be good for everything that follows it (work, school) because we would be energized by taking our time and enjoying the company of others without the stresses of projects that need to get done and tests that need to be taken, and we would bring that energy to our work and school.

Of course, if such a thing existed, we probably wouldn’t use it wisely. We’d sleep late or catch up on work we didn’t complete the night before or use that time to exercise or prep dinner or text our friends or coworkers.

But a girl’s allowed to dream.



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