Never Too Old To Dress Up For Halloween (Day 251)

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But don’t go trick or treating. If you’re reading this blog, I can assure you that you are too old for that.

This morning I drove through Salem, Massachusetts, home of the famed witch trials and Halloween central, on my way home from yoga. It was nine a.m. This time of year, the only sane time to drive through Salem is morning. People descend upon the city in the afternoons and the streets are packed with people in the evenings. As we get nearer to Halloween, there is more and more crazy (which I prefer to keep my distance from) happening in Salem, but usually it doesn’t start until later in the day.

This made my sighting this morning all the more entertaining.

I was stopped at a stoplight when three people came around the corner and into my view. Two of them were wearing festive hats (a black pointy witch’s hat and bunny ears) but the third person was in full costume and makeup. I’m not 100 percent sure what she was dressed as, but based on the black tights, leotard, cat ears headband and painted on whiskers, I’m going to assume she was a cat. She pranced happily between her two friends.

The light changed and I drew closer to the three people, starting Halloween a day early, and realized they were older than me, probably by twenty years. I actually slowed down to make sure I’d gotten that right. A trio of women in their seventies were walking around Salem the day before Halloween dressed like a cat, a witch and a bunny rabbit.

I’d had a really good yoga class so I was already in a good mood, but when I saw these women, I was ready to explode with happiness. They walked with purpose and held their heads high.

Who says Halloween is only for the kiddies?



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2 thoughts on “Never Too Old To Dress Up For Halloween (Day 251)

    1. Right next door. Salem is a cool place to live near . . . except in October. It takes 3x as long to get anywhere because of all of the tourists!

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