In a Cabinet Far, Far Away (Day 250)

Now what?

I bought the Halloween candy, including the candy corn. Peanut M&Ms and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (Allergic D1 is at college so we can have nut candy.) Hershey Bars. Nestle’s Crunch.

According to Sandra Boynton, yesterday was National Chocolate Day, which happens to be my favorite Hallmark holiday. If on National Chocolate Day, I didn’t indulge, there may be hope for me yet. Or . . . maybe it means I have a free pass to open one of the bags and eat a few of the candies. A belated celebration of the holiday.

It’s so easy to convince myself, even as I berate myself.

A friend texted me the other day, after I wrote about my issues with Halloween candy. She confessed to me that she broke into her candy. A little later she texted me that she was at the “making myself sick” candy level. Then she clarified which candies she ate and that she loves it all equally. About an hour later I got this text:

“I regret every piece of candy I ate. Why does it make me so happy when eating it and so miserable later? Just want to go to sleep now.”

She speaks for us all, doesn’t she? She certainly speaks for me.

The sad truth is that I know that the candy will make me sick, but I can’t stop thinking about opening it up and having a taste. I also know that I will never be the kind of person who only has “a taste” when it comes to chocolate candy.

The good news is that I haven’t succumbed yet. Of course the candy has only been in my house for about an hour.

Only two days until Halloween. That’s approximately 48 hours until the first trick or treaters arrive. 2880 minutes. 172,800 seconds.

I can distract myself for 172,800 seconds. Thankfully, I will be asleep for 1/3 to 1/2 of that time. And I have dinner plans, out of the house, tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll take my work to the library tomorrow during the day. But what will I do on Saturday?

The candy is in a plastic bag right beside me. It smells so good.

I need to put it in a cabinet, far away from me. Far, far, far away from me.


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4 thoughts on “In a Cabinet Far, Far Away (Day 250)

  1. Hang in there! You can do it! Step away from the candy!

    I have not bought ANY. We don’t have a lot of little kids in the neighbourhood anymore. So, hubby and I are going to son & DIL’s house for Halloween. First, we will walk their dog, then we will pick up a couple of pizzas, and then we will help with greeting all THEIR little Trick or Treaters.

  2. Turn your lights out, leave your candy on the steps, come to our house where we won’t eat my candy together. the devil genius of commercial candy at work.

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