Four Candidates Stuck At The Kids’ Table (Day 249)

(photo credit: Sweet potatoes with marshmallows by Alexis Lamster on

I’m about to watch the Republican debate.

I missed the pre-debate debate. Did you know there was a pre-debate debate? It was between the four lowest ranking Republican presidential candidates: Santorum, Jindal, Pataki and Graham. On the same stage in Colorado. A few hours before the debate that’s about to begin.

Because they were lowest ranking, they weren’t worthy of the main debate? This doesn’t sound like equal opportunity for all candidates.

It sounds like the kids’ table at Thanksgiving dinner. Did they get the sweet potatoes with marshmallows while the main players get something more sophisticated, something worthy of being displayed before the prime time masses? Roasted winter squash with pomegranate and yogurt, perhaps?

I’m a little annoyed to have missed the pre-debate. Since it was only between four people (there are 10 candidates expected on stage for the main event), it probably dug deeper into the issues than the upcoming display likely will do.

And, let’s be honest. Do you prefer listening to those who feel they deserve roasted winter squash with pomegranate and yogurt or those who look forward to their sweet potato/marshmallow casserole?

I know whom I prefer.


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