Long Live Books and the People Who Read Them (Day 245)

(photo: Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer and special guest Maria Popova of “Brainpickings” blog talk about the art of asking at Old South Church in Boston.)

Don’t believe the hype. The book is not dead. People do still read.

I have proof. Idiosyncratic proof but proof nonetheless.

I attended two events as part of the Boston Book Festival: the screening of the film, “Room” and talk with the author of the book, “Room” on Tuesday night and a conversation with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman this afternoon. For both events I arrived 45 minutes early because while I’d reserved tickets for both, seating was on a first-come, first-sit basis.

Lines had already formed outside the venues for both events when I arrived. I expected a line with the “Room” event because the venue was small but today, I expected to be in front of the line, as it was held in a huge church in downtown Boston. The line for people who already had tickets went down the block and around the corner for a block. Forty-five minutes before the event, we were about 150th in line.

But the line isn’t what convinced me that the book isn’t dead. It was the conversations going on around me before and after both events. And, it was the questions audience members asked the authors. The message came out loud and clear. At least to me. People are reading. A lot. Not everyone, of course.

But here in Boston, we have readers.


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