Bedtime for Bonzo (Day 243)

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Five things I did (or didn’t do) today because I’m sleep deprived:

  1. This morning, I heard a loud banging coming from the direction of my kids’ bathroom so I asked my daughter what she was doing. (A few minutes before, I’d spoken with the workmen who’d come to work on the outside of our house, right near my daughter’s bathroom)
  2. When working on my novel, I called my lead character by the wrong name for five or six pages before I realized what I’d done. (I called her by the name of my lead character from the first novel I wrote. The books are nothing alike.)
  3. I watched my dog licking his wound (long story, he’s fine) for about a minute before I realized that I was supposed to make sure he didn’t lick his wound. (Hopefully the antibiotics will counteract my stupidity.)
  4. I asked somebody to send me a text to remind me of something and then jumped up when my text message received bell rang. I wondered who was texting me in the middle of the day. (I do this one all the time so either I’m constantly sleep deprived or I’ve officially lost my short term memory.)
  5. I looked at the clock at 6 pm and realized I hadn’t considered what we would eat for dinner and didn’t have anything of interest in the house. (Thank goodness one can order pizza over the phone. And not have to leave the house because they deliver!)

So call me Bonzo because I’m ready for bed.


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