Politics As Usual (Day 228)

(photo credit: Donald Trump and his GOP Debate by Mike Licht on flickr.com. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

I read the entire New Yorker magazine this past Sunday as I planned and realized why I have difficulty keeping up with my subscription.

Almost every article goes in depth enough to get my mind going, so after I read it, sometimes even mid-article, I need some time to process what I’ve read. To move onto the next in-depth piece right after the last one, confuses me. That might make me sound intellectually limited but I believe it is more about the way I process information. Once I focus on something and really try to understand its meaning, I find it hard to shift my focus before I am ready to move on.

The first longer article I read in this issue was about the aftermath of the shooting at Emanuel church in North Charleston, South Carolina in April. I found much about the story fascinating but found myself going back to this one line because of how it carries over into our current political atmosphere.

“If you build a politic, as we have done in America since Nixon and Reagan, in which election strategies are based on distrust of the other, well, some folks will react on a political level and vote based on racial fear.”

Did you read it? Read it again. Reread it one more time. I can’t stop thinking about it. The concept is simplistic but the fact that we let it perpetuate is extremely complicated. I think.




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2 thoughts on “Politics As Usual (Day 228)

  1. This reaches so much farther than politics. How do folks sell their products now? Fear! Don’t eat this, it’s bad for you. Take this supplement or you’ll die. Their product is going to kill you. All driven by fear.

  2. The distrust of “the other” and the potential to maximize it has always been there. Historically, every immigrant, religious, or racial group has had to deal with it. But I think it has increased almost geometrically with the advent first of radio, then television, 24-hour news, and the internet. The rumours and assumptions travel farther faster. Once a politician or political party decides to use it, blatantly, and on a national level, the scene is set for what we now have. And what we now have is an angry electorate who need only look to their party to find someone to tell them they are right.

So what do you think?