Calgon, Take Me Away (Day 226)

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I planned my day perfectly. Write essay for tomorrow’s class in the morning. Run by dump to drop off grass cuttings before it closes at noon. Stop by local restaurant to buy gift cards. On way home, go to shoe store to get shoes for daughter. Stop in new salad/sandwich shop that I love and get a tuna wrap, then go home, eat wrap and review and revise essay by dinner time.

So, I woke up late, still feeling a little yucky (this cold may be turning into a sinus infection.) My mind was so foggy, I could not come up with an idea for the essay. After a couple of hours of thinking and writing, I finally came up with an idea, but didn’t have time to write, as it was 11:30 and I had to get to the dump before noon.

The town is expanding the dump, so they have been rerouting us for a few months, however, today was much more chaotic than usual. Whatever they were doing meant that the area where I drop off the cuttings was blocked off. The only part of the dump open to dumpers like me was packed full of cars, trying to figure out where to go to do their different things: recycling, clothes drop off, motor oil, appliances, yard clippings, general trash. What usually takes a couple of minutes took 20 minutes as all the other cars and mine had to move around like a Rubik’s cube to get to our dumping spot and then to get out of the area.

At least it was after noon when I left the dump, which meant the restaurant was likely open for lunch. Except, as I found out when I arrived there, they do not serve lunch during the week. Only dinner. They open at five. I got back in my car.

Got to the shoe store, told the woman behind the counter what my daughter needed, she brought them out and then rang up my order. I gave her my credit card and because of some new system they have installed, she needed my license to manually input information. No problem. But then, the transaction wouldn’t go through. I’d already put my cards back in my wallet, back in my bag and now she needed them again. Again the transaction didn’t go through. It took several minutes for her to confirm that. Since the problem wasn’t with my card and she knows me, she sold me the shoes using a manual method.

By the time I left there, I was looking forward to my tuna wrap. This new place does healthy food really well. Their tuna wrap has a lemon dressing that is sooo good. I walk down to the shop and there is a sign on the door: Closed on Mondays. Seriously?

So I went home. I heated up some soup. I outlined my essay and began writing. At five, I drove downtown to buy the gift cards. For some unknown reason, it took them twenty minutes to sell me three gift cards. I went home, frustrated. By dinner time, I’d completed a draft of the essay. I’ll save the revisions for tomorrow morning.

We ate dinner. I was exhausted. The sinus headache was back. My daughter tried on the shoes and they were too big. I considered taking an Advil and heading to bed, but I’d left a pile of clean laundry on my bed in the morning and forgotten about it. So I folded it. And then I remembered that I hadn’t written my blog post. Taking care of that now.

Tomorrow is sure to be a better day. Except I just checked my calendar and first thing, I have a dentist appointment.

Calgon, take me away. . .


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