It’s Not Really My Birthday (Day 223)

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If there is one thing that bothers me, it is when family members don’t remember my birthday. There is the whole situation of my father always wishing me happy birthday two days before my birthday (on my brother’s birthday), but that didn’t bother me. He remembered it was in February. Either the 21st or 23rd.

Because of my nuttiness about having my birthday (my day) remembered, especially pre-Facebook, home of  birthday reminders, I began training people who “should” know my birthday in how to remember my birthday.

The first time it was more of a fluke than a deliberate training. I had an “aha” moment when I looked at the digital clock and it read, 2:23. That’s my birthday, I exclaimed. My then boyfriend, now-husband, happened to be with me at that moment of epiphany. If I recall correctly, he looked at me kind of cockeyed, and I had to explain that I realized that it wasn’t my actual birthday but the numbers on the clock pointed to my birthday (2 for the second month of the year, 23 for the 23rd day.)

After that, I seemed to always notice the clock at 2:23 when I was with boyfriend-turned-husband. It couldn’t hurt to point it out. “Look it’s 2-23. It’s my birthday.”

Roll of the eyes from b-t-h.

Over time, it became part of our repertoire. I’d say guess what time it is? and he’d say, it must be 2:23. And I’d say, “Thats right. It’s my birthday.”

Once my kids were old enough to get the subtlety of the numbers on the clock representing my birthday, I started pointing out the time when it was 2:23. By the time they were going to school full days and I didn’t see them at the appointed minute, they’d already absorbed the significance of the time and the date.

Like my husband, my remarking about the time at 2:23 brought on eye rolls from my children, and continue to bring on eye rolls from them, as well as the occasional “seriously, Mom, we know your birthday.”

Which, thanks to early training, they definitely do.

(The reason for bringing this up today is that it is day 223 of my blog, which means it is sort of my blog birthday. Putting it out there as a reminder to my family. And anybody else interested. ;))



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