And Poof, It Appears (Day 219)

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Someone somewhere suggested once that I write out a list of “hateful” things. The purpose was to help stir up ideas about subjects to write about. “Hateful” things give you something to rail against, whether you approach it intellectually, humorously, angrily or some other way. Good writing fodder.

Today, I took the advice and wrote a “hateful” list.

First thing on my list: I hate when I’m feeling perfectly fine and all of a sudden, I feel sick. Either I feel nauseous or my nose starts to itch or the back of my throat feels raw.

This has happened to me twice this week, once on Saturday, when we were heading out to dinner, the other a couple of hours ago. In neither case did I feel like I had to take to my bed or that a serious sickness was in the offing, but suddenly, everything I do has an added element to it.

At dinner, I had to put the steady headache, which I unsuccessfully tried to relieve with Advil and lots and lots of water, out of my mind. It’s not an easy thing to do. Thankfully, my husband and I had a few intense discussions over our meal, which distracted me enough to enjoy my food and the company, despite the underlying discomfort.

The recent onset of feeling sick was textbook as far as I’m concerned. My head felt so heavy I could barely hold it up without the support of a chair back or sofa. The throat felt as though I could never drink enough water to cool it off and my sinuses felt itchy and full. There is no doubt in my mind that it is because I forgot to take a Zyrtec this morning. My allergies have been awful that last week and I’ve started easing the ickiness with a daily dose of allergy medication.

Zyrtec has been administered. We shall see if it does the trick.

Meanwhile, I have a bone to pick with my body’s histamine-producing cells. Actually just a question.

Why? Why are you doing this to me?


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