To Others, Her Comment Would Sound Bizarre (Day 205)

(photo credit: Joe Parker)

I’m laughing because I opened Facebook to find a post (see photo above) from a friend that shows three llamas grazing on the lawn at the yacht club. Not your typical sighting.

So I call out to my daughter, who is in the next room, “There are llamas at the Eastern. That’s bizarre.”

“Well,” she says matter-of-factly, “the dentist has llamas.”

To which I said, “Oh. Yeah. Forgot about that.”

Then I went on with what I was doing.

“If somebody other than you heard me say that, they’d have no idea what to think,” my daughter calls out to me a few minutes later. Which, of course, is true.

The thing is there is a dentist, who happens to live behind my in-laws, not far from the club. When my kids were little, my mother-in-law took them over to the dentist’s house because she kept llamas in her yard. She told my kids all about llamas and let them pet her llamas and see them up close. All I remember is one of them telling me that llamas smell bad.

If anybody knows anything about where we live, there is a dearth of undeveloped land, so the fact that anybody houses llamas or any other non-domesticated animals here is unusual. But the dentist has found a way to keep llamas on her property.

Except when they stray.

According to my friend, her husband was inside the glassed in area of the club on ground level, when he heard a knocking sound. He looked up to find a llama hitting his snout (?) against the glass. Imagine his surprise. Although I’m guessing he probably knows about the dentist, since many locals do, so it was probably less of a shock than a “this is strange” moment.

In all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen the llamas on my in-laws property or in their neighborhood or at the club. I wonder what led them out this afternoon. And I wonder how long it was before the dentist realized that they were missing.



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