When Laziness Pays Off (Day 200)

In the beginning of the summer, I collected all of the books in our house that I wanted to give away. I do this at least once a year. Usually, I give the books to the library, which then sells them as part of a fundraiser.

There are books that I would never consider giving away. Novels that I love. Writing books. Certain memoirs. Cookbooks. (That’s not completely true. I have given away a cookbook, but that is a rare instance.)

The ones I’ve collected are either textbooks that are no longer useful to us or novels/memoirs that I’ve lost interest in or self-help/how-to type books. A few of them are books I’ve bought at the library fundraiser and either skimmed through or never looked at once.

Usually, I collect the books to give away and within a few days, drive to the library and drop them off. But this year I was lazy. Those books were stacked on the floor in our guest bedroom all summer long. Then, when I was searching for missing items that my daughter needed to take with her to college, I stacked the books, some bagged, some not, on the guest room bed.

Once she was back at school, I shut the guest room door and managed to ignore the mess. I figured I’d have to get to it eventually, as my mother sometimes visits in the Fall and at Thanksgiving, I know I will have at least one overnight guest. The room needs to be cleaned and bed made, etc. by that time. To get to the cleaning, I’d need to get rid of the stacks of books.

This morning, while procrastinating, I checked my email and found a note from my daughter, the one who is still in high school. She asked me to purchase yet another book that she needed for school. Last night, I bought five required books. I thought we were done. But . . . alas.

I was searching Amazon for the title when the image on the front of the book popped into my head. I didn’t realize I knew the book (it is a French title and my French is juvenile at best) but I was pretty certain that in my mind, I could see the cover.

Then, I realized that daughter #2 was taking the same class with the same teacher as daughter #1 took two years ago. This has happened before, but almost every time, the book choices have changed so we end up with two $175 Calculus books or Chemistry books instead of one. It hadn’t occurred to me when I got the note that the book D2 was looking for was one we already had.

I went upstairs, checked the piles on the guest bed, and voila, the book she needed was there.

I’m always looking for ways to justify my inherent laziness. Today, I found one.


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One thought on “When Laziness Pays Off (Day 200)

  1. I love all of my books and have trouble parting with even one. Fortunately, my hubby is in charge of book rotation, otherwise our house would turn into a library to rival the best.

    Glad you found the needed book!

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