Laboring, But Not Physically, On Labor Day (Day 197)

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I decided to begin revisions on the novel I spoke of a few weeks ago (see here) beginning on Tuesday, once school begins and Labor Day festivities are over. I promised myself I would do a read-through of the entire manuscript before I began, so yesterday and today, I spent several hours with a stack of papers, reading through about two thirds of what I wrote two years ago.

It’s always surprising, when doing a read-through, to discover whole sections you wrote but forgot about completely. Often they are not big moments in the plot, but usually they add so much to the telling of the story.

I hope to finish reading the manuscript tomorrow and begin the process of thinking through the rewrite and rewriting, beginning the day after.

As you are off boating and barbecuing and beaching, think of me sitting out on my deck laboring (get it? being labor day and all) over my first draft. And send me good thoughts for clarity and vision regarding the planning and writing of the second draft.




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4 thoughts on “Laboring, But Not Physically, On Labor Day (Day 197)

  1. That’s awesome you’re diving back into your novel. I have a first draft of one I wrote a few years ago that I plan to return to at some point–I’ve been slowly plugging away at shorter pieces to get more experience before tackling something bigger.

    I neither boated nor barbecued nor beached. Today was a day of stuff I needed to do for school.

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