The End of Summer (Day 191)

Only a few more days are left of summer vacation. College kid back to school for two weeks already. High school kid returns to school the day after Labor Day.

August is over, which means summer is over. Sort of.

I have a secret.

Well it isn’t going to be a secret any longer.

I used to love summer. The last ten years or so . . . not so much.

I still love the sun and the heat and that my kids are around more, but summer is not my favorite season any longer.

Instead of being about relaxation and spending time with friends and soaking up the sun, it’s become more of a chore. Drive people around. Make dinners that don’t get eaten because everybody makes other plans. Don’t make dinner and listen as family members complain because they are actually home for dinner. Forget to go outside during the days because so many household and work things to catch up on.

I have such fond memories of summer from my childhood. Playing tennis. Swimming. Going to concerts. Hanging out with my friends. Being incredibly stupid.

Now, summer is when my kids do that stuff.

That’s okay. But summer isn’t what it used to be. I AM an adult now. Why is it that it is so easy to forget that?

I need to stop expecting it to be as it was when I was 18, and find a way to enjoy it more now that I am over 30. And 40. and 50.


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4 thoughts on “The End of Summer (Day 191)

  1. Sara—I get this completely—especially the make dinner/don’t make dinner issue! And there are days that I don’t get outside too. we have to do a better job of forcing ourselves to get outside, if only for a few minutes!

  2. I have been making a summer bucket list for several years now — there are about 10 items on my list that are mainly do-able and do not include any short-term or day-to-day items like family dinners which are bound to get messed up each and every day and leave me frustrated. My list (which is all about me, mainly) includes things like our girls night out, one-day at my favorite beach, one dinner at my favorite summer restaurant, a stand-up paddle class, a trip to Nantucket, one dinner on the boat, walking outside vs. at the Y, etc., etc.! And mainly I accomplish these items and capture the summer that is meaningful to me.

    1. It’s such a great way to approach the limited summer that we have. I need you to remind me, come May or so, to do that for myself. Will you remind me? Maybe we should make a Fall bucket list now . . .

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