The Unintentional But Un-Take-Back-Able Share (Day 188)

(photo: Grandma Rosie with my first born in 1996)

So I answered the three questions today.

  1. What can you be proud of right now? my children
  2. What blessing in your life would you like to acknowledge? my health
  3. If money, time, and the laws of physics were no object, what would you desire right now? to hug my Grandma Rosie

The hardest part for me was deciding whether to answer generally or specifically.

I could have responded with a reason for being proud of my children and an example of my current good health, and maybe in future responses I will take the more particular approach. But today, I feel those two things in a big, general way.

It’s funny, though, that when I reflected on question #3, it didn’t feel right to go big.  The only thing I could think about was my grandmother and how much her love bolstered me in my life and gave me what I needed during some of my most trying times. All I wanted to do was to get one more chance to show her how much I loved her. (Wow. This stuff all came up so unexpectedly. I can be a sap, but this is more than I’m used to sharing about how I truly feel on the inside. So now you know. My Grandma Rosie was so special to me and I miss her physical presence in my life.)

I feel like I just released a body’s worth of tension answering those questions. Now, on with my day.


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