No Rhyme Or Reason (Day 186)

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I’m always looking for patterns. It’s just who I am.

Visually, this is an easy task. In nature. In commercial culture. Obviously, in design.

But, when it comes to finding patterns in analytics, for a blog, specifically for my blog, I find the task daunting. And the findings hard to comprehend.

Google provides a service to bloggers called Google Analytics. It shows the blogger stats on how many people have opened the link to your blog post. It breaks down that number into such things as what country and state the post openers are in when they click on the post link and how many links they click on once they enter your site.

As a novice statistician, and one who isn’t interested in using the information beyond getting a sense of how many people read what I write, I tend to look, primarily, at the number of times my site is entered each time I post, which in this case is every day.

Sometimes I get hundreds of readers in a day. Sometimes I get thirty. On occasion, I’ve pushed past 500, which for the type of blog I’m currently writing is pretty darn good, IMHO.

Every so often, I try to find some rhyme or reason regarding the analytics.

Is it content-based? Headline-based? Based on the day of the week?

I seem to get more hits on Sundays. Fewer on Wednesdays. People have more free time on Sunday so that makes sense. Wednesdays are mid-week when work is in full force and time to read my blog is limited.

But then, I get a super big readership on a Wednesday. And the material isn’t especially my best. So why? Why? Why?

I’m not complaining. I love that anybody takes the few minutes out of their day to read what I have to say. I don’t need to know exactly why they read what I write.

The numbers, I’ve discovered, do not answer the question I’m trying to answer. It’s when people comment either on the blog or on my Facebook or Twitter page or by personal email that I learn something about what is most interesting to my readers. It’s likes and favorites and bumping into somebody in a store and having them ask me about something I wrote.

That is my favorite thing in the world: learning that somebody, whom I did not know reads my blog, not only reads it but thinks about what I have to say.

Keep sharing the love with me. It gives me tremendous joy.

And I’m going to stop watching the analytics.

At least for awhile.




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